South Wales Environmental Services Ltd.


To ensure satisfaction and peace of mind for our customers, we have acquired the following accreditations:

Quality control is the concern of every member of SWES Ltd, and through comprehensive training, all staff are aware of their role in complying with our quality aims. We are a Local Authority Approved Contractor and hold both employer's and public liability insurances. Please use the below menu to view more information on our policies.

  • Security
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental


Security can be a serious area of concern for some of our customers; therefore, any staff that are required to perform duties on sensitive sites have CRB Enhanced checks and are able to display company photo identification cards. The use of fully liveried vans and our distinctive uniforms also ensure you are always able to quickly identify our staff on your site.

Health & Safety

SWES Ltd have an ongoing, comprehensive Health & Safety training programme. All of our teams are provided with the necessary equipment, training and supervision to implement and achieve our objectives safely and effectively. A site-specific risk assessment is undertaken prior to any work being carried out on site and method statements are incorporated into the safety process when our staff performs any task.

SWES Ltd are specifically focussed on the reduction of risk while working at height and the reduction of the risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), and has made many changes to reduce the exposure to these risks. This has included the purchase of a vehicle with a built-in cherry picker to reduce the risk while working at height and the acquisition of low-vibration equipment to reduce the risk of HAVS. We constantly strive to improve our systems and procedures and to protect our employees, customers and the general public.


We are a licensed pesticide contrator and our employees are fully trained through the National Proficiency Test Council to PA1 and PA6a, in the safe handling of horticultural chemicals. we use biodegradeable herbicides which kill the weed through contact with the leaf, any chemical which does not make contact with the plant breaks down on contact with the soil and insect life is not affected.